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My name is Andrew Gomez, and I am 21 years old. Music consumes my life. I've een playing guitar since the age of 8, and am now venturing into the world of producing. I'm in a band with my best friends as well. Find us at skyhooktheband.com.

I'm a huge nerd, I love gadgetry, and I'm a social media maniac. You'll find that out fast.

Jesus Christ saved me, and continues to do so every day. Christianity isn't a religion, it's a relationship. Ask me about it.
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This is happening tonight! #DumbandDumber #preparingforDumbTo

Found an old broken piano and organ in an abandoned church today.

This is where I’m at until Friday. #farmland #videoshoot

So this was 6 months ago today. Pretty crazy how fast time has flown by lately. Feeling very thankful and blessed today for having someone as amazing and special as Evelyn. She is my world. Looking back and reminiscing on our special day, I picked this picture to post because it really encompasses my feelings that day. Our day wasn’t stressful, just easy and fun. I’m so thankful for that memory. And the reception….. Best party ever. Unforgettable day. What’s more, the feelings and joy I had that day are still in motion today. The glamour and excitement of the “wedding day” didn’t come from planning and getting the right food/music/etc… It came from my bride. She made the day for me, just like she makes every day what it is for me by her love. She’s beautiful, inside and out, smart, caring, understanding, forward-thinking, hilarious, and freaking hott! I love you so much, Evelyn. Even though we are only halfway through our first year as a married couple, that fire and passion for you has only grown more and more for you each day. I can’t wait to see you tomorrow night when I get back from Texas, and I also am excited to be on set with you for the rest of the week. See you soon!

Studio work on the road. #Apple #Akai #MacbookPro (at Hampton Inn & Suites)

Little peek at the @twentyonepilots show in Nashville last week. Such an amazing show!

Rockin’ it today. #Apple #iPhoneLaunch (at Apple Store, Green Hills)

Look Mom, I finally got it. #graduated (at Volunteer State Community College)