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My name is Andrew Gomez, and I am 21 years old. Music consumes my life. I've een playing guitar since the age of 8, and am now venturing into the world of producing. I'm in a band with my best friends as well. Find us at skyhooktheband.com.

I'm a huge nerd, I love gadgetry, and I'm a social media maniac. You'll find that out fast.

Jesus Christ saved me, and continues to do so every day. Christianity isn't a religion, it's a relationship. Ask me about it.
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// C L I M B \ (at The Ascent)

#Throwback to the Spaceteam dance with @daneallen and @westongray

I’ve worked the last two 4th of Julys. Thankfully, this time they let me go on break right when the fireworks started. (at Regal Providence Stadium 14)

Finally bouncing out this mix! #CCM #ChristianMusic (at I/O Studio)

Me and my beautiful wife. :) (at Old Bay Steamer)

Trying to order non-seafood at a seafood restaurant! #notseafoodfans

She taught me how to surf. :) (at FLUID SURF SHOP)

That one time one of my favorite bands followed me on Twitter. #Anberlin